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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a [your title]?

Easy to understand, simplified explanation of what you are. How do you get qualified to do what you do? What types of services can you offer and what types of individuals can you work with.

Do I need it? [how does someone know they need your service?]

Who can be referred to your business? Are there common signs that someone could benefit from your services? Perhaps break this into multiple questions (i.e., What are the signs of delayed speech? What are the signs of a language disorder? What are the signs of cognitive decline?).

Do you take insurance?

You can list your insurance information here.  

If you don't take insurance you can tell people how you help them get out-of-network reimbursement. If what you offer isn't reimbursable by insurance, explain that here. Can people use HSA or FSA cards? Let them know. 

What is a common question people have about seeking out your services?

What if my child already receives services at school? The school didn't qualify my child for services, can we still get private therapy? 

Do you collaborate with other professionals?

How do you work with professionals in related fields? Explain that here.

If you offer telepractice, what is a common question people have about onilne services?

How does telepractice work? Does it work for everyone? What if it doesn't work for us? 

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