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As a new mom I was fortunate to have a local support group in Hoboken, NJ that I attended with my first and second babies. It was so valuable for me to hear what other parents were going through with their own babies, to help me see the “light” of certain phases and to establish friendships I treasure to this day.  That's why I started this support group for parents and caregivers of babies 0-18 months.


Where: The Fayetteville Library, Orchard Street in Fayetteville, NY


When: MONDAYS 1/29/2024, 2/12/2024, 2/26/2024 from 9-1030am


Who: Any caregiver or parent to a new baby from 0-18 months, expecting parents are welcome!


Why: To connect new parents in the community with one another, to provide support in the early months of parenting and to introduce you to some of the wonderful professionals locally who can help you and/or your baby navigate some of the common issues surrounding pregnancy, postpartum and infants.


Cost: FREE for all. Big siblings are welcome to join.

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